A bee in my bonnet - Creative Mind !

Hello readers, I haven't blogged in a while so i thought i should do one. As you all know i am a #lifestyle #professional #dominatrix in the #BDSM scene. I enjoy #realtime #sessions with subs & also offer online #domination. Putting that aside for one moment - Follow me with this.... Just imagine i am at home sat on my sofa having a general nose at social media and i come across other #mistress posts of #strapon parties,#femdom parties or #OWK stuff like that. At this point i am more than intrigued by what i saw as i am also a #lifestyle #dominatrix this sort of thing would be right up my street. So i clicked on a few clips and watched them. Watching these clips made my head start to think

Stories From My Sub

One of my collared subs decided to start blogging about his sessions with me which i thought was a great idea - engaging with his thoughts i suggested an email was sent with the content. Below is ''Stories from my sub'' As I drove through the wooded area leading up to the big house I was trembling with fear it had been many years since I'd seen a domantrix , I parked up in the car park and phoned as I'd been told to do, Your early bitch a stern and commanding voice said you will wait till I text that you can come up do you understand, yes Goddess I will of course I said rather nervously my appointment time came and went then twenty or so minutes later I got the text get your ass up here now

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