An In site From '' A Day With The Dommes Sissy Slave Party 6/3/19 ''

Hello to all that reads this.... I'm guessing Kinksters, Submissives, Dominants & Slaves - Or perhaps ''Curious'' I wanted to share my thoughts/feelings/insights/ups&downs/progress etc from March 2019 so far.... R.E My previous blog '' A Bee In My Bonnet'' This week - 06/03/19 I hosted my first EVER fetish event at my Dungeon/Domestic Play-space. Originally the party was planned for the first week of January 2019 which didn't happen due to two of the Dommes experiencing difficult last minuet personal commitments. Frustrating yes but still i wanted this event to take place. After months of planning my vision '' A Day With The Dommes '' i knew & felt this has to happen. I wanted my idea to wor

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