Interview With A Dominatrix #BritishFemdom

Q - How did you become a Dominatrix? A - I became a Dominatrix (Professionally) 2 years ago, Although previous to that i dabbled on many occasions within my trusted friends Dungeon. When i first entered the BDSM world i was young LOL early 20's - I always wanted to explore my Kinky Twisted Sadistic thoughts further. It started where (example) - I'm in the Dungeon (voyeur) watching, obsurving & taking notes of what i could see infront of me - My Dominatrix friend punishing her slave. Over time when i built confidence i engaged in the many sessions we had #doubledomination. My Dominatrix friend had a fully equipped Dungeon it was literally like pandoras box - I urged to do this more - this exc

Goddess Amore Professional Dominatrix NON SEXUAL & I'M NOT AN ESCORT