Quiet night....I think not!!

Hello all you Slaves, Sluts, Kinksters & Sissys

So after a long day at work i retired home with thoughts of an early night just me my cats and bed. Not long after getting in my fetish phone starts to go crazy with calls and texts from subs seeking punishment. At this point in time i am so knackered i just want to go to bed but its too early so i check my emails from this site and to find an email from one of my most favourited sub my eyes lit up and my thoughts instantly became kinky. My sub had requested a skype session, In my response i explained i was too tired but in the back of my mind i was thinking hmmmmmm.....my favourite nipple slave wants to play. So i ordered him to come and serve me which ended up being a session/pic/video scenario. With this sub i know his limits and boundaries and he is a hard player so i decided to take things to the next level which i won't go into too much detail but all i will say is he is a true pain slut and boy did his nipples get ruined.

I do love the harder sessions sometimes....

Goddess Amore X

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