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Hello Slaves, Subs, Kinksters, Sissys, Domme's or anyone who is reading this...So today i had an email come through from a member on another site i am on asking me what the difference between a Lifestyle Domme and a Findom is. My answer to the question was - '' Surely being in the scene you would know so why ask me? '' I gather this kinkster wanted to know a little bit more about me so i's the copied text i sent


So let me elaborate further then....

From a young age i always had a dominant streak which further developed and progressed growing up. When i was old enough to understand what BDSM was, How it works and what my fetishes were i then decided to take it further. As a lifestyle domme i enjoy being a dominant woman having personal slaves around to serve me in whatever way/means i wish weather it be daily life or attending fetish parties with me i truly thrive off being a femdom. Being a findom is scheduled around my personal life i very much enjoy sessioning with my finsubs building a dom sub relationship is far more important than having ''1 in 1 out '' as some would say and the finsubs that i own enjoy paying me for my time. So the answer to your question is i am a lifestyle domme but findom when it suits me.

Goddess Amore X

I guess by sharing this information with you gives you a little more insight as to what my preferences are ...Wouldn't you agree?

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