Red & Black

Hello to all you kinky subs that are reading this,

As you all know many Dommes usually wear something black within a session weather it be latex, rubber, pvc, leather ect... A friend recently bought me a gift...Can you guess??...The gift was a pair of pillarbox red & black patent stiletto pvc boots. When i opened the box my eyes lit up but in the back of my mind i thought what do i wear these with? I thanked her and explained i would wear them later and send some pictures. So.....Later on when i found items of clothing to match i pulled on these boots and i must say it was a lot of effort criss crossing the laces and fastening the buckless making sure everything was in line. Finally the boots are on and i look in the mirror thinking F**k Me these boots are sexy!! I would love to trample all over a slave right now.....TBC

Goddess Amore X

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