Hello to all Subs, Kinksters,Sissies & Slaves reading this

I thought it was about time I posted another blog as recently I was contacted by a new sub who wanted me to come to his establishment for a two hour session with his girlfriend. What he asked was that I dominate the pair of them then towards the end of the session give his girlfriend some training on how to be a Dom (as she is a switch).

Just listening to what the sub was saying really excited me as the thought of dominating two people at the same time would be extremely fun!! Once everything was confirmed I made my way to their place fully equipped with a bag full of equipment.

I parked and walked towards the address given knocked on the door as a door opens a woman appeared very sheepish and gave me the money straight away - I barged in straight into the kitchen to meet my other guest to start we had a brief chat so I could understand what were there hard limits and what were there soft limits their likes/dislikes so I knew exactly what I was going to do to them.


Goddess Amore X

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