Wild weekend with my gay best friend

Hello all you kinksters reading this,

Last weekend my male best friend (Name not to be mentioned) came to stay at my place. Friday night we had a few drinks, Watched a film then retired to bed as we had both planned for the next night to go to a gay bar & a club. Cutting the story short we had an amazing time at the gay bar - We met a couple and took them with us to the club exchangeed numbers ect... When myself and my best friend left the club (Both very drunk) Naughty talk started whilst we walked the street find a taxi to take us home....We got into the taxi and both felt the same feelings and discussed ideas ------- Want to know what happened when we got home? Tribute my circlepay account £10 mistress.amore@yahoo.com and i will ellabourate in full with pictures and video's - I must say though....Last weekend was a different one for me but i would definately do it again!!

Goddess Amore

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