Distant Mistress

Pathetic little worm!

Good to see your still here awaiting my reply, Lusting over my beauty and power which i have over you. Recently i have been vacant due to personal importances in my personal life. I need a P.A !!! - Do not for one moment think i have forgotten about you my pet hmmmmm you are within my power and control YOU BELONG TO ME....Sometimes a Goddess has to detach from the fet world to regain energy and strength (on many different levels however you want to look at it) Now i am back i demand the attention of all you dirty little sluts, sissies, faggots, bitch boys, kinksters and slaves!!!. Individually you will serve me asap and receive YOUR punishment. Each weakling will be granted an explanation for punishment and verbally prepared for which form of punishment i shall deliver. Get mailing bitches!!!

Goddess Amore X

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