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Hello readers,

I haven't blogged in a while so i thought i should do one.

As you all know i am a #lifestyle #professional #dominatrix in the #BDSM scene. I enjoy #realtime #sessions with subs & also offer online #domination. Putting that aside for one moment - Follow me with this.... Just imagine i am at home sat on my sofa having a general nose at social media and i come across other #mistress posts of #strapon parties,#femdom parties or #OWK stuff like that.

At this point i am more than intrigued by what i saw as i am also a #lifestyle #dominatrix this sort of thing would be right up my street. So i clicked on a few clips and watched them. Watching these clips made my head start to think endlessly (the amount of scenarios i thought about was endless) i wanted to be in those videos - These are real life women so powerful and strong but still held class and elegance - Not forgetting the

So i made a plan putting pen to paper was easy (eventually) after long thoughts about it. Having skills in event planning made me more eager to do this so i thought id give it a go - my first ever planned #lifestyle BDSM event. I started by organising the event on my website and then sharing it on social media then selecting the best Dominants in the scene and mailing them my purposal - #LadyFatal & #MistressCourtney. Interest grew fast which gave me huge confidence if all goes well i can see more events happening in the future.

Wish me luck!!

I envision this being a great event - Don't miss out book your place!!

Goddess Amore X


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