An insight into Goddess Amores January (So Far)

Hello to all who reads this blog,

I wanted to express my thoughts/feelings & share news with you in a little more detail about what's been happening in my world. January 2019 - A new year new start is what most people would say & i agree 100%.

I decided i MUST return to the Gym (Which i did) - I'm back training & swimming 3 times a week. Already i can feel the benefits from all my hard work & effort. Rest assured im not trying to loose weight, Merely there only to gain more strength & tone my body.

My desire is to attend more #BDSM #Fetish parties. This for me would be simply because i would enjoy meeting other #Dominatrix & #Submissive in a fun environment where we all can play. This is my #Lifestyle side, Aswel as being a #Professional i do enjoy #slave #servitude outside my #Dungeon.

This month (Jan 2019) in the #Fetish social media world has become greatly rewarding for myself. Originally when i first started from scratch building my #Website /#Twitter & Various other advertisements on the web. Not only had i educated myself in I.T & have been given huge amounts of support along the way it all seems to be paying off.

My #Fetish Playground Of #Pleasure And #Pain AKA - The #Dungeon has been updated. Me being naturally creative, I am always looking to tweek or change things. Embracing ideas certainly shows enthusiasm which is what im all about.

#A #Day #With #The #Dommes # #Sissy #Slave #Party - #March 6th 2019 With #Mistress Courtney & #Lady Fatale ....I cannot express how excited i am about this #Event. It took a lot of time & graft putting my ideas into text then planning & advertising online. It's my first event i have ever published which i feel can be a success.

So there are my highlights for this month, To sum it up i would say it has been REWARDING, BUSY & CREATIVE.

I look forward to each day feeling positive with a kinky BDSM twist!!

Goddess Amore X

P.S - If your interested in my event '' A Day With The Dommes Sissy Slave Party'' There is still time to reserve your space.

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