Stories From My Sub

One of my collared subs decided to start blogging about his sessions with me which i thought was a great idea - engaging with his thoughts i suggested an email was sent with the content. Below is ''Stories from my sub''

As I drove through the wooded area leading up to the big house I was trembling with fear it had been many years since I'd seen a domantrix , I parked up in the car park and phoned as I'd been told to do, Your early bitch a stern and commanding voice said you will wait till I text that you can come up do you understand, yes Goddess I will of course I said rather nervously my appointment time came and went then twenty or so minutes later I got the text get your ass up here now, As I walked up the steps to the house I couldn't help thinking what I'd got myself into I knocked on the door and wow was greeted by the most stunningly beautiful Goddess was Goddess Hot dressed in a latex cat suit with killer heels on Goddess was simply stunningly beautiful I was mesmerised, I was instructed into the dungeon, right strip naked then get on your knees with your hands on your head and get ready for inspection do you understand, yes Goddess I do I replied , Goddess left the dungeon I was trembling then as Goddess returned I notice something in her hand it was a collar , You will wear this and I want you to get a name tag to put on it stating that you belong under my feet is that clear , yes thank you Goddess I replied, Right I'm going see what you can take your very fat and out of shape you will be tied to the cross and wer see what you can take bitch I will ask you from time to time what colour red meaning stop amber meaning we will talk about it and green it's fine carry on do you understand ,yes Goddess thank you I proud to say goddessamore was very pleased with the way I push my limits that day then after the session ended I done some house hold chorus then Goddess took me binki shopping with her ,things have progressed I'm now her loyal personal bitch and have been for six months, Goddess sertanly keeps you on your toes .

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