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with a Twist


I enjoy tapping into the submissive mind within a session.

Using my learnt skills, I can hypnotize/allure you are willing mindset into a subspace. Once your captivated your mine. There is no escape at this point your probably feeling helpless/nervous? but excited at the same time I know exactly how your feeling.

I can tell just by looking into your eyes, your shudders, the way you now portray yourself to me YOUR F**KED HAHAHAHA I really do have you on a wimb now don’t I...

Now that I have seduced your mind it’s time to play. You are already infatuated with me you will literally do anything I instructor agree to whatever I want whenever I want no questions asked.

So, what am I going to do to you? Hmm....


Naturally being dominant I enjoy humiliation mean queen boss bitch I really don’t give a f**k about you your here for my entertainment think yourself as my little puppet that I can play/use and dismiss at my own convenience.




Feminize you - Thats right sissy/sub/slave whatever you are, I have a selection of sl**ty outfits wigs shoes and makeup perfect for transforming you into the perfect barbie s**t doll.


Perhaps you need detention? Punishment and assignments for naughty college students.


(FULLYCONSENTED) - Dr Amore is awaiting you, be prepared for your examination we may start with sounding and furthermore.

Heavy or Light


I have a varied difference of exquisite luxury leather attire, formally known ''Fetters'' Sleep Sac/Armbinder/Straitjacket perfect to place you in fully restrained at my mercy.

Above all my dungeon is fully furnished & fully equipped for play with tasteful décor & lots of leather & latex.

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