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Fetish Clips



Photos/Clips remain the sole property of Goddess Amore, although copies of the media can be requested ONLY if the submissive truthfully states what his/her intentions are to do with this. Copyright is illegal and selling another person’s content online is also illegal so please be honest upon request.


Hoods are available if one chooses to use them. Images can be edited if there is something on your person you wish to disguise/ Media clips cannot be edited.

This is a Project

You will not be in a ''movie'' the idea is me + submissive in a BDSM scenario where you are at my mercy, I am in control and dominate you in whatever way I choose. For each instrument/toy/equipment I use on you will be filmed for no more than 5 mins in different angles/POV. The idea is to use you and use all my equipment but film each scenario for 5 mins...Are you following?

Everyone is different when it comes to their own personal kinks, I will list my preferences (may not be for all) State what you are comfortable with and what you are not - Be honest! With your reply I will select kinks you have chosen as likes and use this within our session.

Forced Bi, Nipple torture , Wax Play, Needles, CBT, Financial blackmail, Trampling, Electrics, Anal Training, Corporal Punishment, Interrogation, Foot worship, Caining, Mummification, Humiliation, Sissy slut training , Sub games, Ownership, Flogging, Bondage, Chastity, Role play, Medical, Forced BI, Feminisation, Sensory Deprivation, Forced intox (at discretion)- Any footage of this activity will only be poppers or cigarettes, I would NEVER EVER publish any sort of illegal activity online.

You are required to respond to anything Goddess Amore says to you.


Hygiene is massively important to me - Arrive fresh & Douched, all my equipment is clean protected and sterile.

Model Release forms will be provided on the day & to be agreed and signed by all participants.


You are required to provide Valid Identification on the day. Although you will be hooded through the filming this does not mean you do not need ID. The Law/Rules/Regulations of the Websites I upload my clips to will NOT accept my content unless the other person/s in the clip can provide Proof of ID. Rest assured your document will be completely confidential.

Cancellations with prior notice (At least 24 hours) can be re arranged. Cancelling with only hours before the session will admit you a ban. You would have wasted my time and effort put into this & my day; therefore, I shall dismiss you and no further communication from myself. If this is the case and you have good reason elaborate.

You will be in a safe and fun environment.

Travelling to Me

To be discussed prior to agreement.



Email me your response I hope I have covered everything, If you have any questions feel free to put them in your message. 

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